There exists a simple solution for every problem of the world. Sitaram Naik proves this statement by giving simple solutions to each and every problem including most complex problems like global warming and poverty.

An elephant can be made immovable by tying with properly twined dry grass.

The huge electricity of lightning is absorbed by a thin iron/copper wire.

History has thousands of incidents where a very simple solution solved very complex problem. When we try to solve the root of the problem, the solution always comes out to be a simple solution.

For all complex problems of the world, there exists a simple solution. By looking at the complexity of the problem, people assume that the solution also will be complex. Thus they ignore the simple solutions that come to their mind.

Sitaram Naik thought about many complex problems of the world and got simple solutions for all of them. The common properties of all his solutions are:

  • simple
  • practical
  • sustainable
  • cost effective
  • easy to implement
  • solves root of the problem
  • does not create new problems
  • does not depend on complexity of the problem
  • tries for betterment of nature, society, nation or world
  • gives results without (major) changes in the current setup
  • diversified

This website has solutions to Nature problems, National problems, Local problems, Health problems, Mind problems and Spiritual problems. Enjoy reading new definitions of the problems and their simple solutions by selecting problems from top menu. Remember to share the link with others.

Introduction of the articles

Simple solutions: Examples of simple solutions are given in this article. Though the problems look very complex, solutions are very simple.

Nature problems

Air Pollution: Effects of air pollution on health and nature are explained along with advantages of having clear air. Design of “Filter pollution at source” is given as a simple solution to control air pollution.

Global warming: Concept of global warming, how it occurs, how humans have aggravated it and how to control it are given. Concepts of formation of clouds and rain are explained in detail. Root causes of heavy floods, droughts and extreme weather conditions are listed out. Finally a simple solution to bring back normal weather and to control global warming is given.

Patented solution: It is an international patent of a design with title, “Simple techniques to clear air pollution and to control global warming”. It is a simple solution that can clear air pollution and also control global warming.

Drought, floods and rivers interlinking: Simple solutions to create forests at drought hit areas and to control floods by interlinking rivers through pipes and also to solve drinking water problem are given.

Plastic waste: Simple solutions to reuse plastic waste are given as plastic is very important for national development.

National problems

Poverty: Starts with definitions of poor and rich, explains why there is poverty, lists out sections of people affected by poverty and finally gives simple solutions to eradicate poverty.

Corruption: Explains root cause of corruption, how it has grown, its current complexity and finally how to control corruption.

Black money: Simple solutions to clear black money are given.

Terrorism: Simple solutions to eradicate terrorism are given.

Population control: This article gives simple solutions to reduce child mortality rate, to reduce maternal mortality rate, to reduce number of malnourished children and to control population.

Proposals for Election Process: Proposals to improve election process, to elect a proper leader who can develop a country are given. Problems with current election process and how wrong leaders are getting elected every time are also explained.

Local problems

City traffic: This article gives a simple permanent solution for city traffic. It also explains the root cause of heavy traffic and traffic jams.

Urban Air Pollution: Air pollution is root cause of many problems in city including city traffic. Details are explained along with a simple solution.

Health problems

Polio Treatment: A perfect, simple, free treatment for post polio residual paralysis (polio) is given here. It is a drive to improve lives of people who are already affected by polio.

Cancer: Root cause of cancer is explained in detail. Cancer is a preventable disease. Avoid cancer. Don’t wait till it is diagnosed.

Inherited diseases: Diseases cannot be inherited from parents. Diabetes, high BP and many other so-called inherited diseases are not actually inherited from parents. This article explains why medical science is wrong in these cases.

Healthy body: Simple things that can keep your body healthy forever are listed out.

Mind problems

Concentration and Capability: Sitaram Naik’s formula of concentration and capability is given here. There is no limit for capability. It only depends on your concentration.

Thinking Power: Thinking power can be improved by playing chess game. Few additions to chess game are given which can make game play possible among family members irrespective of differences of age, education, skill, intelligence, etc.

Learn learning: Learning to learn is very important in a student’s life because student has to learn a lot of things in a short span of time. Techniques to learn any subject easily is given in this article. Currently this article is in Telugu language.

Spiritual problems

Religion: Real definition of religion is given here. Religion is unique for each person. It is impossible to follow other person’s religion.

God: Real definition of god is given here. The definition is same for all atheists and theists. All questions regarding god and powers of god are answered in details.

Definition of spirituality: Real definition of spirituality is given here. You know spirituality if you understand this definition.

Letters of Sitaram Naik

Letter to individuals: It is a letter to remind the power of individual. Only the individuals can change the world and improve the world.

Letter to NGOs: It is a letter to request NGOs to rethink their charity work. There are very simple ways to improve our world. Though money is spent for so many years, there is no big change in the world. Please read the letter.

About Sitaram Naik

Biography: Biography of Sitaram Naik

Sitaram Naik Speech: By making each person listen to this speech can nullify hate from the world. It is an attempt to improve our world.

Finding polio treatment: This inspiring article gives details of how polio treatment is discovered. We can find treatments for all health problems.

Contacts: Contact details of Sitaram Naik Previous website


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    • Hi, Please do the core exercises given in Polio Treatment page and then contact us.

      • Vishwas garg

        Sir I wear calliper in my left leg do I have to do exercise with calliper or without calliper for polio

        • Hi, You need to do exercises without caliper. As much as possible, do all exercises without any support (like wall support).

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  6. Ramasita

    Sir my right leg is affected by polio virus, can you please share images for core exercise in my email id :

  7. Ramasita

    Sir, my right leg is affected by polio virus, can you please share images for core exercise in my email id : in

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