Sitaram Naik was born in a very poor family in India. His education was in government schools and colleges. He graduated from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam and got post graduation from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. After that he worked for about 10 years in a software company (Tata Elxsi, Bangalore). Few months before he left the job, his mind started thinking about life. “Is it the life I wanted? Why am I not thinking about my life’s ambition (Eradicating poverty) that I had set in my childhood? When I feel that I can do anything, why am I doing only the things that many other people can do? When millions of people in the world are suffering with so many problems and I feel that I can solve all their problems, then why am I working to earn money only for myself?”. At same time he got opposites thoughts like, “Is it right to leave high salary job? Should I risk the current comfort life?”.

With so many contradictory thoughts, he finally decided to leave the job to think what to do. He left the job, stayed away from family and made his mind free from all responsibilities. He had extensive thinking about life, his country and the world, especially the nature. He decided to spend his whole life to improve lives of people and other living creatures. He had two options in front. One is to start with a small task and grow slowly. Second is to analyse all world problems, find root causes of all the problems, find common things among the root causes and solve common things so that most of the problems can be solved at once. He selected second path. He analysed some of the world problems, found root causes and defined simple solutions. The process is going on for other problems. Already analysed problems are listed on this website.

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