Half of a day is spent for job. Half of remaining time is spent for sleep. The remaining time is spent for everything else in our life. All these we are able to do because we have a body. Only till body is healthy and it supports, we can do everything else. If body does not support, we cannot even sleep. It is our responsibility to take care of our body if we want to do anything in life.

Keeping body healthy is not a big task. We need to perform the following tasks at least once a day to keep our body healthy forever.

  • Give movement for all joints
  • Contract and relax all muscles
  • Activate all nerves consciously by thinking about all body parts one at a time
  • Make the blood flow faster (By jogging or other fast movements)
  • Relax your mind consciously by avoiding all thoughts

All these can be done in 400 seconds (out of 86400 seconds of a day). If we can do for longer time, we will get more benefits.