World problems

There are about 100 major problems in the world. If every one of us takes one problem, there will be about 70 million people per problem. If every one of us spend one hour to solve the problem, the effort spent will be about 8000 man years. Is there any problem that cannot be solved after spending 8000 man years of effort?

Take one problem. Think about all aspects of the problem. Think how you can solve the problem. When you get the solution for full or part of the problem, share it with the world. Your solution may not be the best solution. But it is one of the few solutions. Each problem has many facets. None of us can see all facets of the problem. So, none of the solutions will cover complete problem. We need to take union of many solutions to cover and solve complete problem.

Remember the quotation: You never know what you see when you see from other’s point of view.

A facet of the problem that you have seen may not be visible to others. So your solution may be a key to the final solution. Share it.

We should make government depend on intellectuals and professionals for better solutions. Whenever government/nation is in crisis, instead of criticising government, join hands with many intellectuals, do brain storming and come up with a proper solution. Share the solution with all sections of people, collect the comments and improve the solution. Repeat this process as many times as required. Then share the final solution with the government. Listen to their comments and possible issues. After getting approval of many sections of people, making government implement the solution is not a big task.

You have all the powers to change the world. You have all the powers to improve quality of your future. Your every effort is counted.

Your capabilities

If you are a healthy person, you are better than millions of people that are suffering from various diseases.

If you are a blind person, just think what all you can do. You can walk in your house and find everything you need without seeing them. Can a normal person do this by closing his/her eyes? They can argue that if they practice they can also do it. Forget about that. Today, can they do it? No. That means you are better than many millions of people.

A physical handicapped person with polio in one leg can stand on single leg for 10 hours (or few hours). Can a normal person do it? A paralysed person can sleep on bed without any movement for many days. Can a normal person sleep without any movement for one day?

Every person is better than many people in some way or the other. Fish is better in swimming and monkey is better in climbing. Fish should not think that it is worst in climbing trees. Monkey should not think that it could not swim like a fish.

Every person should think about what they have. How to utilize them? Show the world that you can also do something with what you have. Show the world that you are better than many other people in whatever you know.

A person who does not have hands is using leg fingers to write and draw. A normal person cannot hold a pen with leg fingers for few seconds. Use whatever you have to show that you are better than others.

Assume that you cannot move any of your body parts but you can speak. That voice is enough to give solutions to all the problems. Assume that even voice is not there (so-called coma state). Still you can do a lot of things. Use mind power to understand what others are doing and instruct other’s mind to do what you want.

Thinking of “you can do nothing” is wrong. There are infinite things that you can do. You just need to choose what you want to do. You will automatically get all the energy and support you want from your mind.

Take myself as an example

  • I am better than 99% of students of our school in mathematics
  • I am better than whole university in C programming
  • I am better than 7 billion people in this world in treating polio or at least better than all medical professionals who believe that polio cannot be cured
  • I am better than all people who don’t share their ideas with the world

You need not be best in all subjects to be a great student.

You need not solve all problems of the world to be a great person. If you have solved at least one problem that others did not solve, you are a great person.

You need not have great ideas to share. The idea which you feel that works is enough.

I respect you because you are better than many other people. Do you respect yourself? Think about it. You are better, you are great and you know it. So you need to respect yourself. That is called self-respect.

Now you respect yourself. So you do something for you. Do exercises to be active and healthy. Cure your diseases and reduce laziness. Concentrate on your work so that you do it right at first time and save time. When you are active, healthy and conscious, you save a lot of time every day. You can use that time for yourself, your loved-ones and society also. When you get more time, you can do better work and more work without getting tired. That directly gives you more income and also gives you more opportunities to help others.

This is your world. You need to make it better. Then you will live in a better world. When you help your family member or your friend or a stranger or a nation or the nature, everything directly or indirectly helps you to live better.