Root cause of cancer is repetitive strain injury (RSI). When one part of the body is strained more than what it can bear, some cells of the body part transforms themselves to withstand the strain. This transformation is done by making low level changes in the DNA of the cells. After the strain comes down, antibodies treat these transformed cells as foreign bodies and try to kill them. The transformed cells create a strong shell around them to protect themselves from antibodies. The transformed cells grow inside the shell and slowly expand the shell.

As long as the shell is intact, No pain or sensation is felt. When there is no enough space for the shell to expand, shell cracks slowly. Pain or uneasiness is felt in that part of the body when antibodies fight with the few transformed cells that try to come out of the shell.

When the shell is completely broken, antibodies attack the transformed cells. To protect themselves from antibodies, the transformed cells grow violently, stay together as single unit and fight with antibodies. The unity makes them very strong. They start invading the territory as they fight with antibodies.


Skin cancer

· Radiation
· Exposure to over heat

When a person is exposed to heavy radiation or over heat for long periods of time frequently, the skin turns dark and becomes hard to withstand the strain. If the skin unable to withstand further strain, cells of the skin get modified. With the new transformed cells, the person feels less pain with same level of exposure to radiation.

As the DNA of modified cells does not match exactly with other cells, antibodies treat them as foreigners. As long as radiation exists, antibodies cannot reach the modified cells. After radiation stops, antibodies slowly reach the modified cells and fight with them. As number of modified cells is very less, they quickly come together, form spherical shape and fight back. While fighting, they create a shell out of dead cells around them. When antibodies see only dead cells around the sphere, they stop fighting and ignore them.

Throat cancer and mouth cancer

· Chewing tobacco products
· Consuming very hard chemicals or alcohol
· Drinking very hot liquids
· Smoking
The inner surface of mouth and throat is very delicate compared to outer skin. Every time we consume very hot liquids or solids, hard chemicals like alcohol, expose mouth to hard smoke or chew tobacco products, few cells of inner surface of mouth and tongue die. If the exposure to these chemicals is extended for longer time, the cells get transformed to stop cell death. After chemicals are removed, antibodies kill the transformed cells. If hard chemicals stay in mouth for long periods frequently, large number of cells gets transformed. This happens usually with chewing tobacco for longer time and frequently. Every time the chemical effect is stopped, the transformed cells come together and create shell around them to protect themselves from antibodies.

Lung cancer

· Smoking
· Exposure to heavy air pollution
· Consuming very hard chemicals
The very delicate inner surface of lungs feels heavy strain every time hard smoke or toxic air enters it. If the inner surface is exposed to smoke for longer periods of time frequently, the cells of the surface get transformed to withstand. Later they create shell around them to protect themselves from antibodies.

Breast cancer

· Overdoing (pressing and biting) even if it is paining

Breast cancer happens with same logic but with physical strain. When tissues of breast cannot withstand the physical strain, it transforms cells. Physical strain on breast happens in many cases. Girl/woman presses breasts to relieve sexual desires. Woman or the male partner presses breasts before and while having sex. Strain on breasts will be more when there is sexual feeling but no option to have sex.

As breasts are normal soft issues, they get pain with moderate to heavy physical strain. Women may not feel the pain while having sexual desire. After the desire comes down, she will feel the pain. If there is enough time for the pain to come down before next session of physical strain, there will not be any problem. If physical strain is given before pain comes down, the pain will increase. If the pain continues for longer period frequently, the cells get transformed to withstand the pain. The transformed cells create shell around them to protect themselves from antibodies. Biting breasts and nipples violently also causes heavy strain.

Blood cancer and other internal organ cancer

· Heavy physical activities without rest
· Over doing beyond body’s strength
· Repetition of one or more diseases

When an athlete workout heavily for long periods frequently the body gets strained heavily. Though initially the strain is on muscles, because of huge internal energy supply, very fast blood flow and fast breathing, all organs get strained heavily. If this heavy strain continues for long period frequently, cells of weak parts of blood vessels, heart and other organs get transformed to withstand the heavy strain. As transformed cells are distributed across the body, by given enough rest, antibodies can kill them. If the strain continues for very long time with very less time between the workouts, number of transformed cells will be high and they hide in shells at multiple places of the body.

This happens with other sports persons also. Heavy practise without rest and sleep or consuming chemicals or steroids to gain more strength cause heavy strain on internal body parts.

Repetition of one or more diseases with very less gap can also cause heavy strain on the body. When body gets a disease, all the energy is used to fight the disease. Body becomes very weak if the disease stays longer in the body. After this disease is cured, body needs enough time to recover itself. Before body recovers, if same or other disease attacks the weak body, it causes heavy strain on whole body. If diseases stay longer and attack the body very frequently, then the body cannot with the strain.

Prevention is the best solution

Repetition of heavy strain on any part of the body causes repetitive strain injury (RSI). If the strain continues even after getting RSI, there is very high chance of getting cancer. You need to observe or monitor the place of RSI in your body for chance of cancer. If you feel hardness, wrong sensation or pain in the place of RSI after few years, rush to a cancer hospital and get checked. Early stages of cancer can be cured easily.

Avoid repetitive strain injury (RSI) if you like to prevent cancer in your life.