Sitaram Naik’s formula of concentration and capability

(Inherent capability)

Utilized capability  =


(100 − Percentage of concentration)


The above equation gives clear process by which you can achieve anything. You will utilize more of your capability when you concentrate more on that work. Most of the population concentrate less than 5% on their work. If you feel somebody has done good job, which means, that person might have concentrated more than 10% on the work. Those who concentrate always more than 10% and reach close to 20% are labelled as talented.

If you want to utilize your full potential, you need to concentrate 99% on the work or subject. What happens if your concentration crosses 99% is very interesting.

When you cross 99% of concentration on anything, you start gaining more powers than your inherent capability. Even if you know very little about a subject, you can scale it up by concentration. Whatever you learn extra by concentration settles in your mind as inherent capability. Next time when you concentrate on that subject, it scales up the current inherent capability. This is the technique our saints used when people come up with new problem that saints do not know. Saints understand the problem from people, concentrate on that subject, improve their knowledge, come back and give proper solution to the people.

99% to 100% is a huge range. Gods live in this range. In India, people worship hundreds of Gods. Gods differ in their powers. The difference comes from their concentration levels. Many humans crossed the powers of low level Gods. Some of them became evils. Some of them used the powers for good.

Gaining 100% concentration by having human body is not possible. You will be transformed to energy if you touch 100% concentration.