Sitaram Naik had polio. He used to think that his disability was because of his poverty, because his parents were unable to spend money for his polio treatment. So he studied well and joined software job and earned money. Then he went to many famous hospitals and met experts in the field to know that there was no cure for polio. Medical science said, “It is impossible to recover polio affected leg”. But he believed in a quotation, “You are never given a wish without being given the power to make it come true“. His wish was to recover completely from polio. Now which one should he believe, his own belief or medical science? He went ahead with his own belief and decided to recover from polio completely.

He did 3 to 4 hours of exercises daily on polio affected leg to find what movement makes what change. After 3 hours of exercises, he used to lay down and observe what exactly happens inside the leg through meditation. He got heavy pain in one of the exercises. Still he continued doing that exercise daily. One day he got maximum pain as if someone was pulling skin out of his body. His body could not bear the pain and got heavy fever. So he stopped doing exercises. The fever came down after 4 days. After 15 days he felt a small bulge on the muscle. After 30 days, he saw a visible growth of the muscle. Then he understood that a nerve that was connected to the muscle got activated on the day he felt heavy pain. After that even without exercises the muscle started growing. With the same process he has activated 3 more nerves and the connected muscles are growing to catch up with his body design. There are some more nerves that need to be activated. Work is in progress.

A normal person can only talk about disability. Only a disabled person can feel exactly what happens in the body. So there is an opportunity for a disabled person to find a treatment for the disability. Your mind has given you disability because it thinks that you can find a treatment and show the path to others. Believe in yourself. Because you are unique and everything.

You have to be very strong when whole world including science is against your belief. Hold on to your belief long enough to achieve what you want.

You can do if you think so