Terrorism does not have any identity but we are attaching a tag every time. Terrorists think that they are killing people of other religion. The dying people think that they are killed by people of other religion. The people who discuss about this incident also say that people of one religion are killed by people of other religion. The common thing in minds of all people is other religion. If we create respect for other religion, terrorism and hate speech disappear.

All world problems are interlinked.

Air pollution causes climate change and that causes poverty. Poverty creates terrorism and hate speech among religions aggravates it. Climate change creates losses in agriculture and that raises cost of living. High costs create huge wealth gaps and that create slavery. World creates business over all the problems and we call it a sustainable development.

Base problems are poverty, air pollution and hate speech among religions. These problems exist for a long time because of the way people see them. The thought process of people needs to be put on a right path with respect to these problems.

Politicians have power to divide the world into countries and country into states. Religions have more power because they can divide each street into pieces. At same time, religions can combine all people across borders as a single unit. It is up to us how we use the power of religion.

Other Religion

You get right to hate people of other religions when you take care of two things.

  1. Don’t use what people of other religions have created.
  2. Don’t use what people of other religions have already used.

When you take care of these two things, you get full right to hate people of other religions. For more clarity, let me give you few examples of the above two points.

First thing that you need to leave is your mobile phone. Mobile phone has many parts, cover, battery, screen, camera, speaker, internal memory, external memory, operating system, applications, games, and so on. Each part is created by different company. In each company, they can have people of all religions as employees. There is no limit for number of applications. Each application comes from different company from different part of the world. The integration of all these is your mobile phone. That means your mobile phone is created by people of all religions of the world.

Next thing, you need to leave is your car. Car also has many pars like engine, tires, outer design, cushions, audio system, GPS, navigation, infotainment and many other parts. Each part comes from different company. Again people of all religions are involved in creating your car.

Similarly you should leave bus, train, flight, ship and all other vehicles.

The next one that you need to leave is food. The food that you are eating is created by people of many religions. Don’t you believe? I will explain. Your food has many ingredients like rice, wheat, spices, vegetables, fruits, salt, sugar, curd and so on. These are not created by one person at one place. Take rice. Land owner is one person. Seeds are bought from one shop. Tools and vehicles of different people are used for sowing. Many workers are required. Finally when crop is ready, it is cut and sold to factory. They clean, polish and pack them and sell them to super markets or brokers. They make small packs and distribute across the city. We buy some part of it and use it as our food. Many people, factories, shops are involved for getting one ingredient of our food. Just think of how many people of how many places are involved in creating the food that we are eating today. Every country is importing food from other countries. That means, food is created by people of all religions of the world.

Next thing is water. People of other religions have already drank water and urinated it. They wash face with water and that water goes in drain. They bathe, wash clothes, dishes, house and everything. All that water goes in drain and gets mixed in the ocean. The ocean water evaporates and forms clouds. These clouds go all around the world and rain. The rain comes as rivers, lakes, tanks and even underground water. We get that water in our home in various forms. We filter it and drink. So the water is already used by people of all religions of the world.

The last but not the least is air. People of other religions have breathed in the air and released it. The air that we are breathing now is already used by people of other religions. Those who like to hate people of other religions should not use the air that is already used.

When you can avoid these few things, you get full rights to hate people of other religions.

Love and hate

By default we all love each other. We all love all living creatures of our world. I will prove it in 2 minutes.

You went out with your loved one. You both were feeling hungry. You checked your bag and found one apple. You immediately gave it to your loved one. That person ate half of it and gave it to you. What do you do? Do you think, “This apple touched that person’s teeth and lips, how can I eat what somebody else has eaten?” or just eat it without second thought. You ate some part and gave it back to your loved one. That person eats the remaining. You ate what other person had eaten without any conditions because you love that person unconditionally.

One person breathes air and consumes whatever that person requires and releases the remaining. We breathe that air and consume whatever is required and release. This sharing happens unconditionally because we all love each other unconditionally by default.

Then, where this word hate comes from? This has not come, it is created.

One adult met a 5 year old child and asked her, “Who do you like the most, your mother or your father?” The child immediately answers, “My father”. The adult said, “You like your father that means you don’t like your mother”. The child never thought in that way so the child was silent. The adult continued, “That means you hate your mother”. The child thought for a while, “Not liking means hating so may be right” and nods her head. Then the adult confirmed, “You like your father and you hate your mother”. The child nodded her head as if she learned something new. From that day onwards, the child feels anger for everything her mother does.

This is exactly how politicians are creating anger among religions. Wrong spiritual leaders make you believe that you hate people of other religions. You like your religion. You like your god. That means, you don’t like god of other religions. That means you hate god of other religions. That means you hate people who worship god of other religions. That means you hate people of other religions. As it all looks logical, your mind remembers only the last sentence. When you travel in a public transport, if you see a person of other religion, your mind reminds you that you hate that person. Immediately your behaviour towards that person changes. You try to avoid or stay away from that person. You look at that person as if he is your enemy. This is all because of the negativity installed in your mind. Otherwise how can you hate an unknown person? Hate is created by few people who want to separate people for their advantage.

People think that hate is opposite of like. But it is wrong. Do you think cold and hot are opposites? No. Cold means less heat and hot means more heat. 20° C in Africa is cold but same 20° C is Alaska is hot. When the heat is more than what we tolerate is hot, when the heat is less it is called cold. Similarly hate and like are less love and more love. In the example of father and mother, the child loves both. She loves her father little more. We are drawing a strong line in-between and calling one part like and other part hate. Please remove the line. Like and hate are just more love and less love. They are not opposites.