There is nothing like disease inheritance. A child cannot inherit a disease from parent. Only thing possible is disease transmission through blood, which can happen when child is in mother’s womb. All other diseases that parents had before and after pregnancy period will not reach the child.

The so-called genetically transmitted disease can come only through DNA. DNA has information only about body structure and major functionalities of the body. It cannot have disease information of the body. When disease information is not recorded in parents DNA, how can it pass that information to child through DNA?

Medical science listed many diseases under genetically transmitted diseases. What are these diseases? How could Medical science call them as genetically transmitted diseases? Answer is simple. Medical science uses statistics as evidence when it cannot find root cause of a problem. It uses statistics as evidence for some of the treatments also.

Statistics can only give the history and pattern of the problem. It cannot give the root cause of the problem.

Let me give you an example of statistics: Car and ice cream problem

There is a family in a small town. They have one old car. Every Sunday after lunch, all family members eat ice cream. There is an ice cream shop about 1 KM from the family’s house. Every Sunday whole family decides the flavour of ice cream to eat and the family head goes to the ice cream shop by their car and brings family pack ice cream of the decided flavour.

Every week the family head, starts the car, goes to the shop, parks car, buys ice cream, comes back to car, starts car and comes back to home. One time the family decided to eat Vanilla flavour ice cream. As usual, family head went to the shop, parked the car, bought ice cream, came back to car and tried to start the car. It did not start. After 10 to 15 minutes of trials, the car started. He thought that car might have some problem. He ignored this incident as car worked. Next week he bought some other flavour of ice cream, he expected same problem with the car but to his surprise, it started normally.

For few weeks, car was fine. One-day family decided vanilla flavour again. That day car did not start normally. The family head puzzled by this incident and started recording both flavour of ice cream and whether car had starting trouble.

After one year from statistics they found that every time they had vanilla flavour ice cream, the car had starting trouble. For all other flavours of ice cream, the car started without any problem.

From this statistics report, can we conclude that car does not like vanilla flavour ice cream?

When one of parents is having some disease and children get the same disease in 80 to 90% of the cases, then medical science declares it as a genetically transmitted disease.

Some people got these diseases where their parents are healthy for whole life of 90 years. From where did these people get so-called genetically transmitted diseases? Medical science cannot answer this question because it did not include healthy people in their statistics.

The problem

When genes are not transmitting diseases, why are most of the children getting same disease, which their parents and grandparents suffered? It is because of inheritance but not because of DNA inheritance.

Children inherit many things from parents. First and the most important one is the environment. Other things are food habits, life-style, cultural habits, and society conditions and so on. Children will get same heath problems with similar body structure and similar life-style in a similar environment. This is the root cause of all genetically transmitted diseases.

You are living in same environment, eating same food, maintaining same life style and having same tensions so you are getting same health problems.

Assume a child of rich city dweller grows in a forest by eating only fresh fruits and maintaining active life style without any tensions. Will the child get any disease that their parents and grandparents had? If a disease is transmitted through gene or DNA, it should show up sometime in the child’s life.  But that does not happen. When a person changes environment and life style, automatically health problems also change.

In some cases, because of DNA sharing, one may face same problems that his/her parents have. Usually DNA copies body structure of one of the parents to child. If the child ignores the body structure and does physical activities that his/her body structure does not allow, side effects will show up. Example: Body structure of some people does not allow the person to stand/sit straight because of the design of the backbone. With normal physical activity, they may get back pain. Because of back pain, they reduce physical activity and gain fat and body weight (obesity). The obesity can cause many other problems. Their parents and grandparents also might have faced same problems. Though the problems are same, all the problems are caused by life style of the person. Only the body structure is copied from parents to child through DNA but not the problems. If the person understands his/her body structure and does suitable physical exercises, all the future problems can be avoided.

Hence, all so-called genetically transmitted diseases including diabetes and obesity are preventable.