In my point of view terrorism is not a problem. It is by-product of other problems. If we solve the real problem, terrorism disappears automatically.

The way this world is attacking terrorism is funny. Every country is doing something to kill terrorism. How they do is the funny part. Terrorism is a huge tree spread over many countries. To kill this tree, every country is cutting its leaves. That too, it cuts only the leaves which are spread over it. The country feels that it has killed/eradicated terrorism after it cuts some or all leaves visible in its territory. It forgets the fact that the tree is huge and spread across many countries. Next year new leaves come up. The country/government reacts shockingly, thinks it as emergence of new terrorists and spends lot of money to cut new leaves. This process is going on for decades.

If you just stop water supply to the root of a tree, how long the tree can survive? Whatever is the size of the tree, it dies very soon. Why these countries and big governments not stopping water supply to the tree of terrorism?

What is water for tree of terrorism? It is money especially black money. The fertilizers to this tree are poverty, poor people or hungry people who can do anything for food. If we can remove black money from this world and reduce poverty, terrorism disappears.

Poverty gives man power for terrorists’ operations across the world. Black money gives money power to buy weapons, vehicles, food and also man power. So black money is the main root cause of terrorism. Terrorists can do nothing without money. All their purchases and transactions are illegal. For illegal purchases, they need to pay more than market price. Terrorists cannot operate without support from local people. Knowing the risk local people will not support so easily. But there are two factors that make people obey them. One is huge money and the other is fear. People rarely obey only with fear. Most of the times, it is both. So terrorists contact local antisocial bodies and pay huge money. These local antisocial bodies will be accumulating hungry poor people for their operations by scaring and showing money. When a weak minded poor person sees huge money which he/she cannot imagine to earn in life time, his/her senses stop working and get ready to do anything. Or if they frighten a person about his life or his family member’s life, without any other option, the person may commit the crime. Once a person commits crime in extreme condition, the criminal leaders use that person as weapon in the society by blackmailing or by showing money.

In all these conditions, money is the dominant part. If we just cut off money inflow to terrorists, none of these can happen. Their activities cannot run longer only with fear factor.

Who is supplying/giving so much money to them? People that are having black money are supplying money to terrorists directly or indirectly. Personally they may be against terrorism. Then how are they supplying money to terrorist? It is very simple logic. Terrorists attack the people that are having huge black money and rob part of it. The person who lost the money cannot report to police because it is black money and cannot fight against terrorists also. These attacks are never recorded in police records. Some of the black money holders grow local terrorists and use them for antisocial activities and earn money illegally. Some people who do illegal business will have direct links with terrorist groups and support them financially. Here also the money used is illegal or black money.

The second part is man power. For terrorist operations, they need huge man power. They gather street children & orphans; provide food & shelter and then train them for antisocial activities. They do brainwashing of those children and make them live and die for their principles. Once the children believe that they are living only for terrorism, they cannot be changed. These children form the core manpower of terrorism. Poor people are the low cost manpower for terrorist groups. Mostly they use poor adults for one time operation. Their permanent and reliable manpower is local antisocial groups. Though these are costly people, they help each other reliably. Along with all these people, there is one more category of people who work as manpower. They are the rich people who are in higher positions of government offices and in other companies. Terrorist groups buy these people by paying huge money. All the security breaches and infiltrations are caused by these people. All the weapon movements and terrorist movements are guarded by these officials. It is difficult to catch them because they will not involve in final operation. Usually only poor people are caught and killed in terrorist attacks and encounters.

Terrorist groups need a lot of money to maintain and grow manpower. Whatever way we see, terrorism is living because of huge inflow of money. It is like water for a tree. Somehow if the world cuts off all the sources of income of terrorist groups, terrorism disappears. If terrorism dies, all the countries that are affected by terrorism start developing similar to the small trees living under the shade of a big tree. When the big tree dies, the small trees living below the big tree start growing.